Financing CDL Training

Financing at AIT CDL truck driving school

Education requires a commitment and investment of both time and resources. The Financial Aid Department at AIT is committed to assisting each applicant locate appropriate funding for training and has many viable options available for financing CDL training. There are grants, various types of loans, scholarships, and carrier tuition reimbursement programs for truck driving school.

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Apply Now

A financial advisor can help with the eligibility requirements and application processes for each. Should these options not enable a training applicant to move ahead with training, the advisor can offer more details about the possibility of financing tuition directly with the Institute.

Discover the options available for Financing CDL Training:

  • Grants & Loans
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Scholarships
  • GI Bill / VRAP

Contact an AIT Financial Aid Advisor for more information!


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